Wade pleaded guilty to vehicular homicide and driving under the influence Wednesday. In sentencing her, Bibb County Superior Court Judge Howard Simms said if the women had called someone for help, someone would have come to help pull the car out of the mud. He said he suspected the women didnt call for help because they were afraid someone would get mad. Wade replied, Yes, sir. Thinking back on other vehicular homicide cases, Simms said he doesnt know of any with similar circumstances. I dont know that Ive ever seen one that was more preventable, the judge said, and somebody died for that. They loved each other so much The judge said Nixons mothers emotional plea for mercy on Wades behalf was a factor in his decision not to sentence her to prison as District Attorney David Cooke had requested. Instead, Simms ordered Wade to serve a three-year suspended prison sentence on the condition that she must tell her story to children and her peers as a form of community service. If she fails to comply with the condition, she could be sent to prison. Wade also must serve 24 hours in jail, seven years on probation and pay an $800 fine. She was sentenced as a first offender, meaning if she successfully completes her sentence she wont have a felony record.

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