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He got fit again by cycling and has completed triathlons and cycled Lands’ End to John O’Groats 2010 and St Lalo to Nice 2014. Prof Oliver has frequently appeared in the media in relation to cycling, tram accidents, obesity and physical activity issues. I trained in major teaching hospitals, including in Laparoscopic and Upper Gastrointestinal Surgery at the renowned St George’s Bariatric / Weight Loss Unit in South London, Royal Surrey Hospital in Guildford and haring Cross Hospital.  You will find some websites which reassure and inform you, and some websites that equally don’t appeal to you. Surgical Lead at The Centre for Weight Loss, Metabolic and Endocrine Mr David Macon is a consultant gastrointestinal surgeon with a special interest in advanced laparoscopic keyhole surgery. an in-depth look at uncomplicated programs in medical school interview help“I am a Consultant Surgeon at Croydon University Hospital specialising in Upper Gastrointestinal and General Surgery”  My clinical interests include laparoscopic “keyhole” surgery to treat abdominal wall hernias and gallstones, emergency general surgery, peptic ulcer disease and acid reflux. He continues to lecture regularly both in the UK and internationally and has recently quality assured examinations for Khartoum & Kuwait University Medical Schools. Prepares reports for the pursuer 70%, defence 25% and medical negligence 5%.