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Original story: Remember the projected Y2K bug disaster? The world’s computers would supposedly go haywire as the clock ticked to January 1, 2000, thusdestroying the world and ensuing widespread panic. Didn’t happen.Fast forward to today, however, and another doomsday scenario is afoot (albeit withmuch less fanfare). If many politicians are to be believed, an Internet disaster is set to commence thisSaturday. That’s when a tiny branch of the US Commerce Department officially hands over its oversight of the Internet’s “address book” or root zone the highest level of the domain naming system (DNS) structureto a nonprofit , a Los Angeles-based body called the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers ( ICANN ). Calling it an “Internet giveaway,” many Republican lawmakers tried to block the changeover, a transition that is strongly supported by the President Barack Obama administration and by Internet giants like Facebook and Google. “Today our country faces a threat to the Internet as we know it… If Congress fails to act, the Obama administration intends to give away the Internet to an international body akin to the United Nations,” said lawmaker Ted Cruz (R-Tex.)in a recent speech on the Senate floor.“I rise today to discuss the significant, irreparable damage this proposed Internet giveaway could wreak not only on our nation but on free speech across the world.” The campaign of Donald Trump, the GOP presidential candidate, offered similar words : “The Republicans in Congress are admirably leading a fight to save the Internet this week, and need all the help the American people can give them to be successful. Congress needs to act, or Internet freedom will be lost for good, since there will be no way to make it great again once it is lost.” But ICANN, the Commerce Department, and plenty of others, have scoffed at the assertion made by Cruz, Trump, and countless others.

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Indications : Inner corners of the eyebrows are drawn in and upwards, frowning of lips, jaw protrusion, pouting of lower lip, and eyes cast down. What according to you are the qualities that a nurse should have to do this job successfully? While delivering a speech, it is important that you make eye contact with several people or groups of people. On the other hand if it is a sensitive matter that needs to be addressed, especially to a single employee, then calling a face to face meeting is a better option. Does he sit up straight, square up his shoulders, and hold up his head when he is sitting with you? Place your hands properly on the arms of the chair, and never ever slouch. a fantastic readYour reaction is a positive affirmation. A person who has a few weaknesses that he is aware of is better off as compared to one who claims he has none. This calms the nerves and gives you some time to rehearse for the interview.

interview body language

However, this shouldn’t be the case! Answers to Biggest Weakness Interview Questions Many interviewers will not ask you to list all you’re minus points. Discusses Salary Expectations and Joining Date One of the surest indications that your meeting went well is when a manager asks you the date you can join the organization, i.e., how much time the formalities to leave your last organization will take. How does an individual make himself appear more positive than others? Adjust its position accordingly. This will help you answer question like why do you want this job? Also, observe why they support one or two candidates and completely ignore the ones from a particular political party or community. Human nature is complex and they should not be judged conclusively on the clues that their body language give. It shows that you are sincere about joining the company and serves as a deciding factor to qualify for the job applied.

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